Our Services Include:

Dangerous Cargo Handling & Specialty Services

Our dedicated team takes pride in servicing you. We do the hard work for you so you can be assured a smooth-sailing business. With Likok Logistics, your dangerous cargoes will be in good hands. Delegate your work to our team of shipping specialists today!

Warehousing and Distribution

We focus in delivery what customers want. We are businessmen too! We understand your concerns because we face them too! We understand the importance of a well-planned supply chain management. We want to make your business competitive by lowering your cost as much as possible. Regardless which industry sector you operate in, Likok Logistics covers service from warehousing and distribution process to end-to-end.

Container Trucking & Transportation

Likok Logistics promise to offer you value-added service without overcharging. Our hauliers have decades of experience trucking 20ft, 40ft and 45ft containers. Let us assist you in your transportation needs, feel free to get a non-obligation quotes today!

Waste Management

Likok Logistics is backed up by Likok Resources Pte Ltd, a top performing waste material management company in Singapore. We ensure waste materials are turned into resources for good use. Packaging materials will be recycled for use as secondary raw materials.

Custom Permit Declaration

Likok Logistics works closely with the world’s regulatory authorities to ensure your import and export are properly declared to the customs. Avoid unnecessary penalties or fines; let us do the compliance for you!

Insurance Application

Likok Logistics offers financial protection against the risk of physical loss or damage from almost any external cause in the course of transporting your goods. We tie up with renowned international insurance companies for your most guaranteed assurance.

Likok Logistics aims to bring your business further. Delegate your work to us. Call us at 6266 5959 now!

Or email: info@likokgroup.com